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GKN Wheels and Structures is the world’s leading manufacturer of off highway wheels and innovative engineering solutions provider. Customised solutions, drawing on sophisticated design and development capabilities, are backed by a proactive service support team focused on adding real value to the supply chain.

Continuous investment in research, development and testing – and commitment to engineering and design excellence – lie at the heart of our reputation for outstanding products and service.

GKN Wheels and Structures is working on industry leading innovations that will meet the demand for bigger payloads, increased speed and ever more stringent technical specifications. They offer their customers and markets the combined benefits of global reach and local presence with 7 locations globally.

GKN work in partnership with global and regional customers to better understand their key strategic aims, reduce costs and further develop product ranges. They have two state-of-the-art Technical Centres which are responsible for testing customised and modified wheel designs for manufacturers of off-highway plant and machinery used in all industries. These Technical Centres are located in Woodridge, Illinois, USA and Carpenedolo, Italy.

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Many new products are validated at GKN Wheels and Structures two world class technical centres in Carpenedolo, Italy and Woodridge, Illinois, USA. They have made significant investments in both laboratory and field testing equipment, with some of the most advanced purpose built, electronically controlled systems in the industry, including:
  • Rim durability testing
  • Disc durability testing
  • FEA modelling and simulations
  • Strain gauge testing and analysis
  • Field testing and data acquisition
  • Life expectancy/fatigue analysis
GKN’s comprehensive facilities and approach result in:
  • Products with reduced weight and enhanced durability
  • Reduced timeline from design to production
  • Reduced likelihood of early system problems
  • Improved product reliability and dependability
  • Enhanced total system performance
  • Cost-effective design
  • Global offering
Rigorous programmes will confirm reliability and sustainability, whatever the load and however hostile the environment. GKN also test wheels with and without tires, to ensure the durability of both rim and disc. Computers are used to measure strains caused by complex load combinations so that designs can be optimised.

The dedicated facility at GKN Wheels and Structures’ European Technical Centre in Italy is capable of testing sections of large multi-piece wheels more quickly than ever before. It has been winning the support of construction plant and machinery manufacturers across Europe. Since its installation in 2009, several manufacturers have used the innovative facility to test new or modified multi-piece wheel designs.

The process takes a ‘slice’ of each wheel and subjects it to a series of stress and durability tests, providing robust performance data that can be extrapolated for the entire wheel. The nature of the facility means that the tests can be completed in a much shorter time than usual, helping manufacturers to take design decisions quickly prior to placing orders for new or modified machinery.

Integrating the feedback and experience from laboratory testing, field tests, strain gauge data and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) enables us to continuously improve product designs and offer innovative solutions to customers.

Only when completed satisfied with test results will volume manufacturing begin. Total Quality Management (TQM) techniques ensure that every wheel matches the requirements of the original specification once designs go into production.

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Product Design

GKN Wheels and Structures has extensive product design and development capabilities. It is committed to continuous product improvement and the delivery of innovative solutions to changing client and market needs.

They work closely with OEMs to develop wheels that enhance performance in any application. Each new design must meet the requirements of the customer and application, providing strength and durability without adding unnecessary weight. This assists in minimising fuel consumption, whilst maximising payloads.

Development is undertaken in close liaison with tire manufacturers to ensure product compatibility and compliance with relevant regulatory standards (ETRTO, T&RA, JATMA).

Before any product design is undertaken, a thorough and comprehensive study of customer and machine requirements is commissioned. Initial designs can then be based on extensive knowledge of existing products and their applications. Additional data on wheel loads is collected using either strain gauges or wheel force transducers.

This data then drives advanced analytical models in order to develop high quality solutions in the virtual world, before committing to the manufacture of any parts. Finite Element Analysis and fatigue analysis, supported by a comprehensive material database, are used to develop efficient wheel sections that will meet specified performance and durability requirements.

Critical path scheduling combined with advanced quality systems to ensure new product delivery is fully co-ordinated with customer build programmes.

Business excellence is delivered through lean manufacturing, visual management and mission-directed work teams.

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