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20.0" / 3-Piece

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  • 20 X 6.5T 3-Piece Wheel


  • The 3-piece wheel has been introduced based on GKN Wheels and Structures experience in the industry, couple with extensive laborator and field tests
  • The industry standard in some sectors

Key Benefits

  • Cost and performance benefits over using a 5-piece wheel
  • With the driver on the outside, there is a risk of damage as a result of stone impacts and aggressive conditions - but an inside drive is completely protected from such hazards
  • tyre mounting is safer as the driver is in place before the tire is inflated
  • Lighter and more stable
  • All GKN Wheels and Structures come with best in class paint finish as standard
  • GKN Wheels and Structures diverse product range and global presence mean that they are well placed to be the key supplier for all off highway requirements


  • Light Construction

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Technical data

Wheel Information

Description: 20 X 6.5T 3-Piece Wheel
Rim Profile: Multi-Piece
Rim Design: 3-Piece
Market: Light Construction
Diameter: 20.0
Width: 6.50


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Important safety notice

Our listed tire size is always an example, please consult with both your individual tire supplier and ETRTO guidelines before fitting your tire. Please view our Health & Safety page or contact us for further information.