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Forestry machines operate in difficult terrain, generating high loads and stresses on wheel rims. GKN Wheels and Structures are purpose designed and field tested for these tough conditions. They are developed in conjunction with leading tire manufacturers to optimise fitness for purpose.

The ‘JMJ’ rim, with rolled over flanges, provides increased strength and durability.
The TH2 Forest rim gives improved tire stability at low pressures.

Our standard product range includes diameters from 22.5” to 26.5” and widths from 20” to 26”.
Forestry wheels are manufactured in Denmark.

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24.5" - 20.00" / Fixed

Wheel Information

Description: 24.5 X 20.00 Wheel
Rim Profile: 15° Drop Centre
Rim Design: Fixed
Market: Forestry
Diameter: 24.5
Width: 20.00

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