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GKN Wheels and Structures offers innovative custom solutions across all markets and sectors, drawing on extensive technical expertise. We provide support from concept, through design, analysis and testing. GKN Wheels and Structures has comprehensive design and versatile production facilities to design, manufacture and test these unique designs.

On occasions, OEMs demand customised solutions to match specific, and often highly challenging, conditions. In such circumstances GKN Wheels and Structures works closely with OEMs and tire manufacturers to provide these customised solutions.

This enables OEMs to match wheel designs accurately to equipment requirements, region and operating conditions and contributes to product differentiation.

An example of a customer solution GKN Wheels and Structures has developed can be found within the development of the patented Profi-fit rim design. The original triple well rim was developed solely to improve tire fitting using low profile tires and/or tires with particularly stiff side walls. Further improvements were then established which lead to the creation of the Profi-fit rim design.