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GKN Wheels Estherville hosts three local teachers as ‘externs’

Over the summer months, GKN Wheels in Estherville welcomed three local teachers to work at the facility for 6 weeks, as part of a STEM Advisory Council scheme.

The three ‘extern’ positions saw Rob, Chad and Jennifer working on various projects to look for ways they could connect industry skills with what they teach to their students. Rob worked with the quality department, whilst Chad and Jennifer worked on updating and reorganising the tool crib.

This reorganisation will allow GKN to lower the costs of running the crib and improve the uptime of critical equipment – tool crib costs have already been lowered by $20,000 since improvements were made.

At the end of their experience as externs, Rob, Chad and Jennifer created classroom lessons based on their experiences at GKN, and shared them with fellow teacher externs around the state.

Michelle Nicoson, Human Resources Manager, said: “We have utilized the STEM Externship program for the last five years within both of our Iowa sites, increasing our presence in the community. It has developed great partnerships with local schools and students who will one day be our future employees.”