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Custom engineered, high performance hub systems solutions from GKN Wheels and St

With a commitment to high quality manufacturing processes and finishes, GKN offers premium products for off-highway machinery which suit the customer and the application, even in the most demanding external environments.  The company manufactures a range of customized hubs and spindles with capacities from 500lbs (227 kg) to 50,000 lbs (22,700 kg). 

The hub systems design can be fully tailored to the customer’s specifications, with an option to include disc brake components if required. Due to the weight of some the hub and spindle assemblies, GKN Wheels and Structures also supplies them as a pre-assembled unit from its manufacturing facility in Armstrong, Iowa.

Similarly for heavy duty wheel applications, a 200lb hub and spindle is available which is manufactured from ductile iron for maximum strength. The complete 10 bolt unit has a load-bearing capacity in excess of 35,000lb. The product portfolio includes the world’s largest hub and spindle, with a ten bolt pattern and a load-bearing capacity in excess of 50,000lbs (22,700 kg). The new generation 50,000lb hub 20 bolt version sets a new standard in global off-highway engineering, providing US-based manufacturers of the largest trailers and machines with an unbeatable assurance of reliability and strength.

Made in the USA, its wheel range includes products designed for driven and trailed applications, as well as specialist applications such as dual tire applications.

GKN’s hub and spindle manufacturing facility and customer service support team is co-located to ensure all products are designed, manufactured and tested to the highest quality standards and maximize strength, value and durability through customer input and feedback.

Len Hensel, GKN Wheels and Structures’ Chief Engineer Wheels – Americas, said: “GKN Wheels and Structures has the most extensive and diversified wheel, hub and spindle portfolio across North America. GKN’s experience and capabilities in designing hubs and spindles, combined with comprehensive testing and component validation, is already gaining significant traction for higher load capacity hubs, which will be shown for the first time at the show.”