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Liuzhou employee receives humanitarian award

Zheng Zhiyun, an employee from the HR Department at GKN Wheels Liuzhou in China, has been named as one of the Top Ten Liuzhou Civilized People.

Zheng has worked for GKN since November 2006 and is in charge of Security and Fire Prevention at the site. When he started working at GKN he found that many of the local neighbourhoods were having problems with break-ins and burglaries, and he began to think about how he could improve health and safety in the area.

He set about personally trying to improve the community, establishing a team of residents to work as cleaners or security officers, and used his own money to install several CCTV cameras. Three years ago Zheng was able to assist local law enforcement leading to the arrests of 35 criminals.

His team of neighbourhood volunteers has now grown to over 100 people and is known locally as the Zheng Zhiyun Voluntary Service Corps. The Corps work on a daily basis to carry out repair work, mediate disputes and patrol the neighbourhood to ensure members of the community are safe at all times.

Zheng said: “I am very happy to have helped, and am always ready to hold out my friendly hand to people who need it. I hope in the future more and more volunteers can join with us so we can help even more people in the area.”

Previously Zheng has been placed in rankings for the Most Beautiful People in Liuzhou 2013, as well as being named as one of the Top Ten Public Welfare Stars of 2014.